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Now in Season 2, it is hosted by Sathya Sankaran, an Urban Communicator and Entreprenuer.

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This is such a clear communication- a brilliant story. The citizen knowledge is so fomidable. I love Ooru labs role.


I love the new intro! I hope you're all able to keep this going for years to come. There is not enough content in this space especially in the Indian context, let alone a Bangalore context. There needs to be a lot more education on how to make a city livable again. Keep up the great work and looking forward to all the coming episodes!


As with most of your sessions Sathya, I learnt a lot of interesting facts from this conversation too. It is highly educative for anyone interested in knowing how their cities function and cope with issues of governance. Keep it coming!


Absolutely enjoying your show "Ooru Labs Podcast". Thanks for your work. Transportation and Urban Planning communities are getting lot of learning "on the go".


Really really meaningful and highly relevant conversation. Thanks for these wonderful discussions!


Ahh this was fun to listen to. Thanks for this! Looking forward to watch more :)


Beautiful conversation. Thank you so much ! I learnt a lot ❤


Loved this episode thank you! I've been lurking around this channel for quite a while now, I loved all of the episodes, pls keep churning them out!


Awesome podcast.. The discussion on k100 was needed.. Thanks for all your information.. Good job 👍👍👍👏👏